Friday, 25 July 2014


Hey! I'm Beth, the cooler one of the two obviously, I am sixteen and I live in England, in the Staffordshire area, which I have only lived in for a year this month actually! Funny story, when I first moved here at the start of year eleven, Abi actually hated me (I don't know why because I'm pretty great) but now she is one of my closest pals, even though she does worry me sometimes. We will be both starting at the same sixth form in September and to tell you the truth I'm pretty nervous, we're not children any more which means we're both going to have to mature a bit, which is heartbreaking for us and everyone around us, haha! The subjects I am hoping to take are; Photography, Media, ICT and History.

One fact about me is that I hate describing myself and here I am writing a paragraph about my self for everyone to see, oh how wonderful. Suppose I will just start with the basics, I have blue eyes that are actually quite greyish, but I promise I'm not a cold person despite what Abi says! I'm quite the average teen, in the sense that I wouldn't be able to live without the internet or my phone! I enjoy a good book every now and then, alongside hours of scrolling through youtube and tumblr, but who doesn't? I, well we both like to sing a lot, like literally all of the time, whether it be High School musical (sad we know) or Eminem. We both also have very peculiar dance moves which we like to entertain everyone with *blushes*. We both have a strong love for Harry Potter and Youtubers, we're practically the same, except I can spell as you'll soon find out, haha. I also love Ed Sheeran ooo, I also have started a picture wall because I obviously want to be more tumblr, but at the moment it only really consists of photos from my prom, take a look: 

It isn't great but I will get there!

I have no idea where we even plan to go with this blog but I hope it's enjoyable for everyone! I assume it could be beauty based but you'll just have to wait and see! Bare with us though, we're pretty new to this kind of thing do it may take a while for things to get started properly, so please be patient with us! 

Please send requests to give us a few ideas to start with!
~Beth x x
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