Monday, 8 September 2014

First week at sixth form...


So I(we)started sixth form last week, (as I'm sure some of you have) ,and so far I think that it has been okay, except for the fact that everyone else moans about it *straight face* especially Abi, she has picked subjects that that no one else has chosen so she is by herself hahaha, but apart from that I think it is manageable. The difficulty between GCSE and AS Level has become visible already and I have only had three out of the four subjects!

To be completely honest I don't think my wrist is even capable of coping with amount of essay writing you have to do, it hurts already and I have hardly done anything *cries*. I already know that it will be a lot more than just a ten minute job the night before, if I don't pass the subjects this first year I won't be able to continue them in second year which will be devastating because I have no idea what else I would do, so I have got to work hard from the very beginning, which is going to be soooooo stressful, ahh. I think my main aim for the first few months will to find some motivation somewhere so I just don't give uo and wag it *laugh cries*.

I'm sure I will be fine, there are probably many of you who are exactly the same, share your tips!!! If you were wondering the subjects I have taken are; Media, Photography, ICT and History. Let me know what subjects you're taking and things like your essentials, they're always handy and how you're finding sixth form or college life so far, or even if you're still at school!

Also does anyone else feel old, like not being at school anymore because I sure do. I have four younger siblings and honestly its quite daunting, why is everything going so quickly, it seems like only yesterday I started year eleven but in actual fact it was this time last year, whaaaaaattttttt?!?!

On another note, I promise myself and Abi will sort out a proper schedule and upload more regularly and hopefully you will enjoy it! But that's all for now...

~Beth x x